What is the Energy Certificate?

The Energy Certificate or Energy Efficiency Certificate is a document that details the energy rating that a home has obtained, according to the amount of energy it consumes and thus determines its energy efficiency.

The result is established according to the level of efficiency obtained in the dwelling or premises by means of a letter between A (the most efficient) and G (the least efficient).

The energy certificate is required by the competent body in order to be able to sell or rent a property. It is issued by a qualified and authorised technician.

Is the Energy Certificate mandatory?

In Spain, it is compulsory to obtain an energy efficiency certificate from 1 June 2013 for all homes, properties or premises that are sold or rented, with some exceptions, due to the approval of Royal Decree 235/2013.

How is the Energy Certificate processed?

In order to process the certificate of occupancy the following are necessary:

Application for Energy Certificate

Setting a date for inspection of the dwelling or premises

Inspection of the home and data collection by the technician.

The technician will calculate the energy efficiency of the property with the computer programme provided by the Ministry of Industry to assign a category between the letter A and G to the property.

Presentation of the energy certificate at the authorised registry of the autonomous community.

Energy label expressing the rating of the dwelling

Delivery of the energy certificate to the owner of the property or premises.


Depending on the property, it can cost between €140 for small residential buildings and €250 for single-family dwellings.