We prepare the reports and certificates you need, correctly verified by one of our technicians and architects specialised in this type of work. They have official validity and we are able to develop any type of certification within the field of building, construction or real estate. Documents prepared by our technicians have reflected in them the circumstances, causes, damages, how to solve them, etc.

This type of certification is usually requested by the different administrations and public bodies to verify all kinds of situations.  Our department has extensive experience in producing these reports, which is why we know that certain applicants usually require this type of document.

Expert reports and the situations that give rise to them are highly complicated, involving lawsuits and claims in virtually every field.

We have written this post to cover everything related to expert reports and architectural court experts, from their function and content to the fees they can charge.


It will depend on the complexity of each case, as a guideline it can cost between 600€ and more.