It is a technical document that gathers information and analyses the residential building with regard to its conservation, accessibility conditions and energy assessment.

It is therefore a document that allows us to know the state of our building to be able to undertake the most advisable rehabilitation and maintenance works, at the same time as it fulfils the urban planning obligation for residential buildings over 50 years old.

To be carried out every 5-10 years


The owners of residential buildings must promote the completion of the IEEv.CV report in the following cases:

  1. When the building for residential use is more than 50 years old.
  2. When the owner of the residential building, whether single-family or multi-family, intends to apply for public aid programmes for the promotion of renovation, regardless of the age of the building.
  3. When so stipulated by regional or municipal regulations
  4.  Who can carry out the Building Evaluation Report?

The building assessment report or IEE can be drawn up by architects, technical architects or other authorised technicians, in accordance with the provisions of Law 8/2013 and Royal Legislative Decree 7/2015 of 30 October.

How much does the EEI cost?

The price of the Building Evaluation Report will depend on different factors, such as the age, the surface area of the building, the specific characteristics of the building and the fees of the technician who will carry out the report. It is calculated on the website of the IVE (Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación) and a discount of between 10-30% is applied depending on the complexity of the report: